What does my log package consist of?

This is a question we get often and I thought I would explain. Log home manufacturers offer many different combinations of materials referred to as log packages, ranging from Log Accents to Log Wall only packages to Structural Log Shell packages or a full Log Kit.

Log Accents consist of log components used in conjunction with other building methods but that do not form the structure of your home, they simply accent your home with log elements.

With the Log Wall package you can expect to receive enough wall logs to erect an exterior shell to the ceiling height of the plan you selected. Some packages include the sealers, caulking and hardware necessary to install the Log Wall product, while others require you purchase these products on your own. Some Log Wall packages are pre-cut, meaning each log has a designated place in the wall and the rough openings for windows are doors are designed into the package. Other Log Wall packages are sold random length, meaning the installer must measure, cut and fit each piece to a location within the house calculating and allowing for openings etc.

In the Structural Log Shell package you will receive the exterior Log Shell, full log gable ends, second floor log floor joist, log roof members, vertical log support posts, dormer face logs, and half log siding at dormer sides, where applicable to your plan.

Some log packages, called Log Kits, include framing, siding, trim, tongue and groove, doors and windows in additional to the log materials.

Posted in News by developer December 6, 2021