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In the log home industry designing a log home can mean a lot of things. It can range from selecting a pre-established design that you purchase off the shelf to creating a unique custom design from a concept drawn on a napkin or any range of modifications to existing concepts owned by individual log home companies. Regardless of the method used in selecting or creating a design your design should satisfy some specific criteria to ensure it will meet your needs. A design should be personal, functional, efficient and beautiful.

A personal design, whether purchased as an existing design, semi-custom or full custom design, should fit your needs, wants, lifestyle and your build site. To achieve a great personal design you should list out the specific needs and wants you have in building a home, for example square footage, single level or multi-level, bedrooms, recreational spaces, bathrooms, kitchen space(s), type of heating, views corridors, and the list goes on and on. A good sales person will have a list of these questions for you to review and ponder prior to making a design selection or beginning the custom design process. By first identifying your needs and wants you are better able to understand how each design fits you personally.

A functional design is a design that not only fits your needs and wants but is also usable and works with the products and systems you intend to use in building your home. If your design is not functional you may find the structure is not buildable or doesn’t work because of head heights, lot slope, jurisdictional requirements, engineering or a myriad of other reasons. A functional design contemplates all the factors in building a home and addresses them in conjunction with addressing the needs and wants of a client.

An efficient design maximizes the utility, space, and enjoyment for the cost of the home while minimizing waste in products and building processes. To achieve an efficient design you need a competent designer working with a reputable log home company to create an efficient build solution for your design. You begin with a preliminary drawing, primarily floor plans, and once you have established the concept of the design you add elevation drawings to finish the design. With design drawings you can validate your budget and begin builder selection. Once you are ready to proceed with your project you will contract with an architect to do your construction drawings and an engineer to review the structure.

A beautiful log home must not only be personal, functional and efficient, it must also capture the natural beauty of the log products and other building materials in a way that complements the design and the features of the build location.

Designing a personal, functional, efficient and beautiful log home is the first step in the journey of building a legacy home that will endure and be loved and enjoyed for years to come.

Posted in News by developer December 6, 2021