The Truth about Settling and Compression in Log Homes

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log compression

If you have ever looked into building a log home you are probably familiar with the term “settling”. Settling is simply the compounding effect of logs shrinking as they dry and compressing as they are installed into place in a log structure. Addressing shrinkage and compression is essential for every quality log home. All wood […]

Log Materials Packages

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What does my log package consist of? This is a question we get often and I thought I would explain. Log home manufacturers offer many different combinations of materials referred to as log packages, ranging from Log Accents to Log Wall only packages to Structural Log Shell packages or a full Log Kit. Log Accents […]

Green vs. Dead Standing Timber

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dead forest live forest

What is the difference between “Green” and “Dead Standing” timber? Dead standing timber are trees that have died because of aging, drought, a lowering of the groundwater level, forest fires, widespread fungal diseases, or infestation by harmful insects. Dead standing timber typically dries in the forest as a standing tree with the bark on it. […]

The Significance of Moisture Content in Logs

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wet green leaves

Trees are made up of tiny straw like cells, think of millions of tiny straws throughout the tree, that carry water and nutrients from the root system all the way to the top of the tree. When trees are “green” these cells are filled with sap or water. The ratio of water to dry wood […]

Designing Your Log Home

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misty forest

In the log home industry designing a log home can mean a lot of things. It can range from selecting a pre-established design that you purchase off the shelf to creating a unique custom design from a concept drawn on a napkin or any range of modifications to existing concepts owned by individual log home […]